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Testimonials from parents have been reprinted with permission from each family.

Margaret from NY

Hi Lorraine, Thank you to both yourself and Tony for the great job you did with L. I know she felt at ease by the tone of her voice when I spoke with her, and that’s because of the two of you. We appreciate the work you did, this was much better than what we were prepared for, (sobbing, weeping, hysterics, and high drama)-which probably would have been the case if we had told her ourselves. Although in no way minimizing what shock L must have felt, we think she was able to cope because of the demeanor you both have which is firm, no-nonsense but in a warm-fuzzy way (just like you described). Thank you also, Lorraine,  for staying with her during the physical upon arrival at her placement. I’m sure it made her feel more comfortable. Thanks again to both of you, and all the best in your business!

Lisa from NY

…in an important and potentially difficult time, your responsiveness made an enormous positive difference. You came back to us quickly and with a viable plan, you brought a camera along to help us to ‘see’ where our daughter would be, and called frequently to let us know of your progress. Just Great!

Dave from Iowa

Safe and Sound Youth Transportation provided a very professional, yet caring way for our student to be transported. I would not hesitate to call them again.

Kris from Denver

The compassion and care shown to both us, and our daughter was appreciated and needed. We were very impressed with the approach used so as not to cause a panic and they showed they were trustworthy and caring. We still keep in touch with Lorraine and Hilary, and enjoy giving them updates about our child they transported last year.

Carolyn from Massachusetts

Safe and Sound Transportation is very courteous and professional.….I gave your name to the school you transported our son to! I told them how pleased we were with you! You can look to hear from us again!

Lisa from NY

...Thanks again so much for all of your help. Your thoughtfulness at this trying time will stay with me for quite a while. Please remember to call and visit when you come to NY!

Lisa from NY

Dear Lorraine and Kristen, I can’t begin to thank you enough for your time, care, and concern and for the wonderful photos. My daughter looks great! It means so much to us that you cared enough to be toured around by the school, to take the time to form your own impressions, (which are invaluable to us), and then snapped photos to help us hold an idea of C’s environment in our minds. We really appreciate all of your efforts.

H from Baltimore

Hi Lorraine: Thank you to you and Linda for helping us get our daughter “B” back to School!!! We said we would do what ever was necessary to get her back there. It was worth everything for us to see her smile and be with her friends. She is doing things and rumor has it even smiling. Oh my - we can sure rejoice in that. Please tell Linda that I could never have done that drive without her as my co-pilot. And tell her thanks for listening. I have finally calmed down and am actually not talking at the speed of light at this point! I considered that ride very therapeutic for me! I hope to stay in touch with you and also hope we will not need your services again. But you never know! Stay warm, H

Anne E. Farnsworth and George F.S. Hinckley

To Whom It May Concern,

We are writing on behalf of Ms. Lorraine Colpitts, Director/Owner of Safe and Sound Youth Transport, Inc., based in Brewer, ME. We are former clients who have contracted with Safe and Sound five times since 2012, and have come to know Lorraine and her company and staff well. In addition, we know many other parents who have similarly (and gratefully) contracted her services. We ourselves have recommended Lorraine to other families in crisis, just as Lorraine was originally recommended to us by a reputable residential treatment center.

We know Lorraine to be a kind, caring and understanding person, who has been a salvation for teens and their families in times of deep crisis. And we can attest to the high character and professionalism that she has demonstrated on each of the occasions when we needed her help. The same applies to her staff, as we have come to know them. We can further attest that Lorraine owns a stellar reputation among accredited teen programs and their respective communities of client families, and we would be pleased to facilitate any onward inquiries on that score.

We’d also like to highlight something special, in particular: It is a testament to Lorraine that many of those whom she's transported, including our daughter, have come to develop feelings of respect and appreciation for her, including feelings of gratitude and even friendship. And it is a vivid reflection on Lorraine—one that perfectly captures her character—that she has attended many visiting weekends and graduation ceremonies of her erstwhile transportees.

We feel certain that whatever occasions the need for such a testimonial, from us, can only have derived from a profound misunderstanding. Because in our view Lorraine’s impeccable record speaks for itself. She sets the industry standard for youth transport, and we are personally grateful to her.


Anne E. Farnsworth and George F.S. Hinckley

Connie Kimball Mercer

My name is Connie Kimball Mercer and I was the Director of Admissions at the Elan School, a residential, special purpose school in Poland, ME. During my four (+)years at Elan School, more often than not, parents chose Lorraine Colpitts and her organization - Safe and Sound Youth Transport from a list of reputable, professional companies that were provided to them. I have been told that Lorraine made them feel at ease, help reduce the fear and anxiety they had about the whole process and most importantly - they knew their child would be safe in her care. She took the time to learn the interest of each of her transports - video games they liked to play, food they liked to eat, music they liked to listen to, and movies they liked to watch - just to name a few and some of those items would be in the van, hotel room, etc. depending on the situation. During intake, I have been told by various students that he/she played a video game, watched a move or ate some of their favorite food during the transport.

Parents have told me the waiting for the transport to occur is the most difficult time. Lorraine took her time to talk to them several times before transport occurred to help ease their minds. Lorraine and her team recognized that these were children, sometimes angry, acting out children and sometimes scared, nervous children but still children. The lead on the transport and oftentimes Lorraine herself updated the parents and myself throughout the journey.

As an admission director at a therapeutic school, you want your new admission to arrive as calmly as possible. Granted, this is not always the case. Elan students were prone to aggressive behavior, emotional issues, substance abuse or flight risks. Having a highly professional transport company that could deescalate any likely situation and reduce anxiety in the student and parents as well- all the while keeping the student safe was vital to a smooth transition. Lorraine and Safe and Sound Youth Transport did just that time and time again.

In my role as Director of Admissions and based on the comments from students she transported and also their parents, she and her team are extremely caring and professional and made a very difficult situation a lot easier.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

Kyna Rancourt Stockford

Knowing you, Lorraine, is an honor. I've known you for 40 years, and your family, who the whole town we grew up in; has complete respect for.

Your current job is one that I know you have felt strongly about, because you strive in making a difference in the world with people, which honestly, we need more of. I hope you can continue this rewarding inspirational job that you have a desire to accomplish, others out there need people like you to put life's puzzle pieces back together.

I Sincerely wish you luck with your mission to help others grow and learn from your wisdom.

Warm Wishes, Kyna Rancourt Stockford

Karen and Richard Gardner

Richard and I live in England and visited my friend in America in 2013, who is a member of Lorraine's immediate family. Since then we have kept in touch with Lorraine.

Lorraine invited us to her home and made us so welcome and relaxed. Lorraine is kind, considerate and without any doubt very caring. This was so obvious to us seeing her with her family and friends and how she was with us during our stay.

Lorraine told us about her work providing transportation for young people. It was easy to tell how much she cared about the work she does and the young people in her care. Lorraine is extremely proud of the many years she has given in helping young people and their families.

Regards Karen and Richard Gardner

Susan Brady

I am writing this letter to recommend the excellent services of Safe and Sound Youth Transportation, Inc.

I am a caseworker for Mashantucket Pequot Child Protective Services and have worked with several agencies to coordinate the best case scenario for the children that we serve. For the last 15 years, Safe and Sound Youth Transportation has been our “go to” for our teens that may become upset, defiant and/or combative when they learn that they are going into a program that will help them address their particular needs. One phone call to Lorraine and we are all set. We could not ask for a better working relationship.

Lorraine and the staff are kind, gentle, soft spoken, caring and attentive. Before the transport, Lorraine will ask about the teen’s habits, likes and dislikes and even favorite foods and snacks. During the transport, Lorraine and the staff treat the teen like family. Most of the time, no one would even know that the teen is not with family. Lorraine will keep in touch during the transport and let us know when they have arrived at the destination. Most of the teens that they transport ask if they will see them again. So, I know they were treated very well.

The Safe and Sound Youth Transportation team goes above and beyond to make the transport a smooth transition for the teen and the family. Lorraine has a “no nonsense” demeanor with a very caring and kind nature which has always worked with our teens. During our 15 year working relationship we have had no problems or complaints with Safe and Sound Youth Transportation. They really do an outstanding job keeping our teens safe and content during travel.

I highly recommend Safe and Sound Youth Transportation to any family or agency looking for transportation services for a child/teen.

Linda Williams, LSW

Dear Lorraine,

You have been my best friend since 1983. We have seen the world together. We have enjoyed an abundance of family, friend and community events over the years. You have always been there for me. In the beginning of Safe and Sound, I worked for you. I observed your kind interactions with children, with a bit of tough love thrown in to help the family thru a difficult transition.

I am here for what ever you need.

Update from Lorraine Colpitts... H from Baltimore did have the need to use our service again!!